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Basic Ticket Creation - Trac usage
14:01 Ticket #396 (Need details of schools near Manyata tech park) closed by megha
13:57 Ticket #396 (Need details of schools near Manyata tech park) created by megha
Need school , boundary information, no of children, within 1 km radius.


12:10 Math Programme Information - 2007 to 2012.xls attached to Assessments by megha
Details of all Math programmes so far.


12:52 Ticket #308 (Application and Db back up on akshara FTP server) closed by megha
fixed: We discussed this internally, what we'll need is a 60 day daily backup and …
12:47 Ticket #395 (Maintenance script for correcting db discrepancies) created by shivangi
A maintenance script is needed for cleaning/correcting the db …
12:45 Ticket #394 (Review klp_Map.py script) created by shivangi
The script is supposed to be doing only mapping of studentgroups to …
10:51 Ticket #393 (Unmapping assessment - users) created by megha
This morning I've been trying to unmap a wrongly mapped assessment. To …


18:56 Ticket #386 (4th Math assessment not showing up) closed by shivangi
fixed: working


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23:53 Ticket #392 (Library asset data) created by gautam
Import library asset data to KLP DB. Use for MP/MLA reports.
23:52 Ticket #391 (Date from Library Team) created by gautam
Check the MP/MLA/Corporator data from Library team against what Srikanth …
16:03 Ticket #390 (assign permission e-mail notification is not coming through) created by megha
I've tried it a couple of times on the new anganwadis that were mapped to …
15:59 Ticket #389 (pictures swapped) created by megha
Dear KLP Team, The Pictures for GULPS Bellandur ( 32895) and GKMPS …


17:34 Ticket #388 (DEO Count - Dec 21st to Jan 17th) created by gautam
Please note the changed dates. For in-school and pre-school. I have …


16:08 Ticket #387 (Remove assessment hardcoding from klp.wsgi) created by shivangi
The assessment baseline test is hardcoded. Probably can have an order put …


15:52 Ticket #308 (Application and Db back up on akshara FTP server) reopened by megha
Your clean up script cleans up dumps on ems.klp.org.in Should it not also …
15:50 Ticket #386 (4th Math assessment not showing up) created by shivangi
The filtering by program is not showing the 4th std math assessment. Only …
14:55 Ticket #119 (Design and WWW Firms) closed by gautam
14:55 Ticket #340 (Mid-Assessment for English in Hosakote) closed by gautam
14:54 Ticket #328 (DEO Count - Sept 21st to Oct 20th) closed by gautam
14:54 Ticket #137 (DISE Data) closed by gautam
14:53 Ticket #338 (Child List for Bangalore | With TMP ID) closed by gautam
14:53 Ticket #162 (Data at Aggregate Levels - Assessment) closed by gautam
14:52 Ticket #115 (Library data) closed by gautam
14:52 Ticket #311 (School Strength) closed by gautam
14:21 Ticket #318 (Add student window- frequently unresponsive) closed by megha
fixed: closing for now
14:20 Ticket #361 (DEO Count - Nov 21st to Dec 20th) closed by megha
14:19 Ticket #207 (Updated School Page Links) closed by megha
fixed: If the need comes up again, will reopen the ticket. Too trivial for now. …
14:18 Ticket #302 (Back up e-Gov for Restoration) closed by megha
14:17 Ticket #203 (Show inactive schools in klpwww) closed by megha
14:17 Ticket #331 (Generate MP Report for Bangalore) closed by megha
14:16 Ticket #357 (MP/MLA - Financial Reports) closed by megha
duplicate: duplicate of 370
14:14 Ticket #385 (Revamp reporting platform for heirarchies) created by megha
For MP/MLa reports, hierarchies, Other charting / reporting needs
14:12 Ticket #384 (MIS Manual) created by megha
Manual for using MIS
14:09 Ticket #383 (Documentation - Processes also Checklists) created by megha
--Assessments --Data --Checklists for All processes
14:07 Ticket #382 (Documentation - Code) created by megha
- Unit level - Substantive (?)
14:04 Ticket #381 (Documentation - Design) created by megha
-Architecture -System
13:12 Ticket #380 (Multiple types of sys) created by megha
based on multiple visits - different set of questions each time
13:08 Ticket #379 (Comparison Tool - for schools) created by megha
Based on random selection Within geographies, hierarchies categories MOIs …
13:05 Ticket #378 (Website - RSS and Email updates) created by megha
need set up. track: school, reports page, anything else?
13:02 Ticket #377 (Raw data downloads from website) created by megha
E-mail conversation: Trying to figure out what raw data (as tab limited …
12:58 Ticket #327 (KLP Logo on WWW) closed by megha
12:57 Ticket #282 (Electedrep- Reports: Pending UI enhancements) closed by megha
invalid: change in platform - ticket invalid
12:57 Ticket #281 (Electedrep- Reports: Pending Reports) closed by megha
fixed: Duplicate to 370 & 371
12:55 Ticket #279 (Electedrep- Reports: Pending Programming needs) closed by megha
fixed: Also moving to new platform
12:54 Ticket #376 (Add column for partners on the programme table - klpwww db) created by megha
So, we can have this information in source, in the partner graphs, etc
12:52 Ticket #375 (Report on ad hoc point (all schools within a 2 km radius)) created by megha
Using posgis polygon math Just adding to Sajjad's set of map related …
12:50 Ticket #374 (Reports on Govt hierarchies (Block,Cluster, proj, circle)) created by megha
Just like elected rep reports
12:47 Ticket #373 (Social media for Website) created by megha
- Strategy Determine strategy and requirements - Platforms Create, FB, …
12:43 Ticket #372 (MP/MLA/Ward - shape file needed) created by megha
- follow up on map unity conversation - RTI for shapes on bbmplections.in …
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