Tracking changes needed in klpwww / klp-intermediate while porting data from ORACLE-AksharaEMSMigrated:

Changes here will affect, klpwww.sql or (which will be written for klp-intermediate)

Set of cleanup to-dos on Mahiti- MIS DB

Change Summary Owner Status Action tbdNumbers
Active students in inactive Schools'ShivangiTODO'DEACTIVATE7111
Student Groups with no studentsShivangiTODOHARD DELETE1030419 (1058850 out of these there are 28431 entries that have teachers associated with them, so not deleting those)
Students not in student group association tableShivangiTODOHARD DELETE1
Boundaries with no schoolsShivangiTODO-1505
Active Students in inactive studentgroupsShivangiTODODEACTIVATE12
Institution with no studentgroups ShivangiTODO??7
Active teachers in Inactive SchoolsShivangiTODODEACTIVATE251
Teachers with no school associationsShivangiTODOGET DATA FROM ORACLE5344

Older set of changes for Porting to klp-interim and Mahiti-MIS

fixes.sql has to drop the following invalid boundaries : 600, 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609, 8767 Megha TODO
this maybe coupled to point 1 - boundary statuses need to be retrieved from oracle from EG_BOUNDARY.ISHISTORY Megha TODO
tb_school should have the status from EG_SCHOOL.IS_ACTIVE Megha TESTED
tb_school to get the sex information from EG_SCHOOL.INST_SCHO_GEND (no FK defined) - 1-girls, 2-boys, 3-cooed from school names Megha TESTED
12971 Child mt(mother tongue ) values are empty. Fixes.sql can default these values to Kannada. Megha TODO
schooltypeid (oracle), category_type (mahiti-mis) need to be bridged through KLPWWW Megha TODO
klpwww has only classes and no centers - oracle has that in egems_studentgroup and egems_studgroup_mstr - bridge up Megha TODO
fixes.sql has to fix invalid school id references in tb_class - doesn't fail now, because tb_class sid (school id) does not have FK constraint (csv in mail) Megha TODO
tb_student needs status to be retrieved from egems_student.is_active Megha TODO
klpwww has no teachers information Megha TODO
eg_school_classification has been dropped off aksharaemsmigrated but is in repl_aksems. To be considered to get values for school sex Megha TODO
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