DB NAMEDetail Remark Github repo that uses it
ang_infra Infrastructure Survey for 1 years Could have been a School assessment in MIS klpwww,klpreports
ang_infranew Infrastructure Survey for 2 years (with the year selector) Could have been a School assessment in MIS
apmdm Akshaya Patra mid day meal data Could have been a School assessment with Flexi parameter in MIS klpwww,klpreports
dbstatus Presents aggregate data from klp_production (MIS DB) to tell the current counts in the DB A cron drops and creates this db every morning dbstatus
dise_2012 Dise flat tables from 2011-2012 for government & private Primary schools only Extracted from xls sheets off klpwww,klpreports,dise-tulna
electrep_new DB behind the MP/MLA reports that establishes linkages of every school to an MP, MLA Constituency / Ward klpwww,klpreports
klp-coord Coordinates for all schools and boundariesContains coordinates from SSA? And coordinates collected by local circle klpwww, dise-dashboard
klp_production Replicated DB for MIS Data Entry on Dev We query for ad-hoc data requests from this DB all the time on dev
klpdisedb2 Dise db redesigned for DISE api/jsons There is another db called klpdise, that's the old non-gis one. dise-dashboard
klpinterim Temp DB that was created for Mahiti migration from E-gov's Oracle to Mahiti's postgres Keeping it around just as an archive
klplib Contains library book information klpwww,klpreports
klpsysContains Share your stories from the website klpwww
klpwww_ver4This is a DB for the website, is a subset of klp_production (MIS DB)Meant for aggregation of assessment data and maintaining child anonymityklpwww
libinfraInfrastructure details for all Akshara run librariesCould have been a school assessment in MISklpwww,klpreports
libraryDetails of Book transactions at all Akshara run librariesCould have been a school assessment with Flexi parameter in MISklpwww,klpreports
libreadingOne time reading assessment done on 300 schools in BangaloreData was not clean, did not have proper student ids, so was not created in MISklpreports
pratham_mysorePratham mysore's infra assessmentCould have been a school assessment in MISklpwww
semis_dataSecondary school information just like DISE from NUEPAThis may be unified with DISE in near futuresemis
sikshanaSikshana's child level data for an ASER like assessment in some 300 odd schools across N.Kar & KanakpuraCould have been a child assessment if we could trace every child in their assessment by a student idsikshana_tulna
sslc_dataaggUsed by DB status for aggregate views by District, block, cluster of count of schools, students dbstatus
sslcdataSSLC data 6 yearsThis is the first CD dump we receivedtimeseries
sslcdata_2012SSLC data 7 yearsAfter we received 2012 data alsotimeseries
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