Data Collection


  1. 4 weeks.
  2. Send eGov the assessment form so that they can create the corresponding data entry screen at T-4 weeks.


The design of the forms must keep the following in mind:

  1. Maximise paper use
  2. Minimise paper size
  3. Ease of pen/entry
  4. Each row should be complete in itself
  5. Ease of data entry.


  1. Ensure that the columns in the form are in the same order as the data entry screens.
  2. Check that the date format on the forms and the data entry screens and the DB are in the DD/MM/YYYY format.
  3. Cross Verification Ensure that there is a blank column at the end of each child row to enter the state of a child. Possible states are:
Transfer Certificate
Long Absent
Child Not Found
  1. Ensure that each row is of double height - essentially, that there should be an additional blank line in each row to make changes by hand.
  2. If you are putting an ID, other than the KLP Child ID/PKID, on the printed form to identify a student record, DO NOT CALL IT CHILD ID OR ANY SUCH VARIANT.
  3. Also, include the KLP Child ID on the form. This makes it easier to check a student against the Library data.
  4. If you are putting an ID, other than the KLP School ID/PKID, on the printed form to identify a school record, DO NOT CALL IT SCHOOL ID OR ANY SUCH VARIANT.
    Please remember that a child in the system has a child record and a student record. Not all children need be students.
  5. Make sure that each page has the Block/Cluster/School? Name identifier either in the header or footer.
  6. Make sure that each page has a page number in the form Page X of Y where X is the current page number and Y is the total number of page for that school.
  7. Ensure that each sheet has a line at the bottom for Name Date Signature of the person filling it in.
  8. It may make sense to, at this stage, include a unique identifier per sheet, child and school, so printed. This will be used as the Form ID at the data entry process. If the form breaks on more than one page the form ID should be the same on both the broken pages.
    Please remember that the cyclostyled sheets, used for new child entry will not have such unique identifier pre-printed, and will have to be added when received at the data center or at the printer. 
  9. Add school/anganwadi type to the assessment sheet as well.
  10. If possible, try and pack it as a booklet.


  1. Use A3 paper to print the forms.
  2. Cyclostyle/Offset? Print the blank forms on A4 paper. If need be, A3.


  1. Staple the School Form, Child Form and Blank Form together.
  2. Arrange them by Akshara Zone, not Block, and subdivided within that by Cluster.


  1. Distribute them by Zones, if possible, and not by Blocks.


  1. Where a child cannot be matched using a best effort basis, please mark said child for deletion and collect details for the child afresh. This is because it is possible that where 2 children of the same name exist on the form and in the school and they cannot be distinguished from the pre-existing data, we cannot make a guess as to which child corresponds to which student ID in our database. Hence, it is best to collect it from scratch.

Data Entry

  1. Please keep in mind that where a child is edited, it is possible that the record so created, post edit, refers to an entirely new child with the same matching identifiers especially where a best effort guess has been made. See DataEntryDocumentation#Train 1.


  1. Ensure that you sign off, with the PC, as to the data entry parameters and all the options that are needed and the assumptions made.


  1. Walk the DEO's through the data entry process multiple times using the projector.


Cross Verification

Moving Schools/Clusters/Blocks/Districts?

The eGov Admin UI is independent of the EMS application in the sense that the admin app does not know of the existence of the schools under the clusters. Hence for e.g, delete of a block will deactivate the block and all the clusters under it, but does nothing to the schools. Hence the schools need to be addressed first, before the admin UI boundary is moved/deleted. You create boundaries in the Admin module and move schools at the EMS module?

The process is to first create new boundaries, move/reassign units/schools and then delete the old units/schools/boundaries.

Sample Reports and Assessment Sheets

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