Development Dialogue

January 27-29th 2010 at BVB College, Hubli.


What is the scope of your involvement in education ?

We work government primary schools and pre-schools in Karnataka. This year we are working in Bangalore, Mysore and Ramanagara educational districts. Since 2006, we have worked in 11 districts (FIXME: which ones) in Karnataka.

How many children do you track ?

We have about 800,000 children in our DB. This does not mean that all of them are active and tracked with the same rigour. Our database is most accurate for the 1437 primary schools and 1600 pre-schools in the Bangalore education district. We touch about 40,000 children in the pre-school system of which about 35,000 will be tested in the course our programme. Our child census for the Bangalore school district is exhaustive and covers 335,000 children. Of these, about 61,000 of them will be involved in our programmes this academic year.

What are your programmes ?

Assessments has the list of all our intervention programmes since 2006. Our recurring programmes are:

  • ಒದುವೆ ನಾನು (Oduve Nanu, our reading programme)
  • ನಗು ನಗುತ ಗಣಿತ (Nagu naguta ganitha, our mathematics programme)
  • Library programme

FIXME: classes for the above programmes

Programmes we have started this year are:

  • English pilot in partnership with ILID
  • Pre-school programme

How do you administer your programmes

FIXME: program design and delivery

The assessments are performed by the teachers and serve to show us where our intervention is required. Assessment sheets are printed from our database with child information populated. The assessments are performed and the paper forms are return to our data entry team who enter the data back into the database. Analysis is performed on data from the database.

Can I get access to the child-level data ?

It depends on what you want to do with it. Data about children is private and identifiable information will not be disclosed without good reason. If you are from academia and wish to have access to the data for your research, we can provide you anonymised data, subject to a contract. If you are an NGO working with children and want to use our data as a starting point, we want to hear from you.

What can I do ?

Our raison d'être is to have every child in school, learning well. It is an ambitious goal. We can do it only with your help. We want you to get involved in the education system. Our revamped website is your ticket to get involved. The website will allow you to locate a school on a map. You can go to the school, see for yourself what the situation is and come back to the website and give us your feedback. If you provide us with a means to contact you, we will keep you informed of what happened to your feedback.

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