Double Entry


The purpose of double entry is to verify the data entered by the data entry operator(DEO). This would help in reducing entry errors.


  1. Any editable field can be marked for double entry.
  2. Two data entry operators(DEO) will have to be associated with the record that has one or more fields that are marked for double entry.
  3. When the first DEO enters the data for that record it is stored in a temporary table.
  4. When the second DEO enters the data, the data stored by the first DEO is retrieved and the two entries are compared
  5. If the 2 entries match then the entered data is written to the database and entry from the temporary table is deleted.
  6. if they do not match then the second DEO will get a prompt stating the same and will be asked to renter the data.
  7. The data that second DEO enters again is stored in the DB and the entry from the temporary table is deleted.
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