Setting up Agiliq's version of the EMS - Roadblocks and Solutions.

Python Path Issues.

  1. Cloned the repository from Agiliq's Github profile.
  2. Setup Apache with mod_wsgi with appropriate environment variables via SetEnv. Gives - ImproperlyConfigured: Error importing middleware fullhistory.fullhistory: "cannot import name simplejson
  3. FIX - Python Path was wrong in the wsgi file.
  4. FIX - Python Path setting in the virtual host file in /etc/apache/site-available/ was wrong. Changed path for DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE since it was now relative to the new path.
  5. Did a backup of the old wsgi files, nevertheless.

Database mismatches.

  1. When tried logging in with our login credentials, the application throws another error (See Attachment.) - TypeError at /login/ 'NoneType' abject as no attribute '__getitem__'
  2. CAUSE: Django User missing. Tried creating a superuser using the Django admin

python shell from django.contrib.auth.models import User user = User.objects.create(username='super_user') user.set_password('super_password')

  1. Error remains :
  2. Performed a syncdb -

python syncdb

  1. sqldiff showed some differences between db state and models file, but nothing significant.
  2. Imported Agiliq's database dump.
  3. Confirmed the pip packages as per Agiliq's environment - ``` Django==1.5.1 Unipath==1.0 argparse==1.2.1 django-crispy-forms==1.4.0 django-debug-toolbar==1.2.1 django-extensions==1.2.0 gunicorn==19.0.0 psycopg2==2.5.1 simplejson==3.3.0 six==1.7.2 sqlparse==0.1.11 wsgiref==0.1.2


  1. Most of it was missing from the requirements.txt file. Updated requirements.txt.
  2. Swapped the database by setting the environment variable in virtualhost file.
  3. New problem - ImproperlyConfigured at /login/ 'The included urlconf klpmis.urls doesn't have any patterns in it'
  4. The Django development server continues to work.


  1. Eventually found some typos in the settings directory - ``` this from -from .local_settings import * +from local_settings import *

this from -from . base import +from base import ```

  1. Added STATIC_ROOT = Path(PROJECT_ROOT, 'collected_static') and changed Apache Alias accordingly to: Alias /static_media /home/klp/KLP-MIS/klpmis/collected_static in the virtual host.
  2. Issues resolved temporarily.

Django Debug Toolbar

  1. After a while, error persists - ImproperlyConfigured at /login/ 'The included urlconf klpmis.urls doesn't have any patterns in it'
  3. Moved the production settings to Switched this in the Apache virtualhost.


  1. 500 error. Debug email suggested missing ALLOWED_HOSTS.
  2. FIX: Added ALLOWED_HOSTS = '*' in

The settings has to undergo major changes accordingly and we need to make sure it works all fine for production. Testing of the application estimated to complete within one week.

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