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EMS Hand Over Docs Repository & Other Pointers

Week starting Category Activity Owner Document shared Status Remark
13-Dec DB structure DB Schema Gireesh Database details sheet of EMS Implementation decument attachment:EMS-Tables.xls Done
Any historical documents Gireesh Migration Document attachment:AksharaAnganwadiRolesAndSecurity.xls, attachment:Akshara11DistrictRolesAndSecurity.xls Done
Replication etc.Oracle DB (production)- eGov still owns it and will assist? Ashish We can make the dump file available from the production schema. If needed, we can import to Akshara's DB server. (eGov) Alok to get back on this wiki:MVRefresh Done
ER Diagram Gireesh attachment:AKSHARA.JPG Done
Older DB dumps Gireesh Done Handed over to Vasanth
Data dictionary Gireesh attachment:DataDictionary.xls Done
DB Consistency Gireesh Done exists
SQL dumps Gireesh Done
20-Dec Administrative activities Bulk creation scripts Gireesh It covers in the scripts which I had sent
Adding schools Gireesh Make entries into a truncated NEWDISE table and use this procedure - createSchoolAndClasses Done
Adding students Gireesh Map New students to assessment-Addnewstudentstocenter uses class and centre for assessment as parameters Done
Adding assessments Gireesh No script for this...some in attachment:ExecuteQueriesForAkshara.txt Done
Promotions for Pre-school and Anganwadi Gireesh StudentsPromotion?, AnganwadiPromotion? Done
SVN Repository Access Vijay SVN-megha/123meg456 SVN-megha/123meg456 Done
User & Pwd for Application and DB Server (production) Ashish Shared with Megha Done
Reboot. Up or not. etc.- Administrative application tasks Vijay to stop: ctrl c to stop the application to start: run -b @ C:/EARJBOSS/jboss-4.2.3.GA/bin/
27-Dec Application architecture Overall architecture Gireesh Architecture documents attachment:Sequence-Diagram-Student.doc, attachment:EMS-architecture.gif Done
Application design Gireesh Application documents Done
Build and deploy Gireesh Build and deploy process Done
Application Logs Gireesh build and copy logs procedure Done
User Role mapping Gireesh attachment:CreateUser.doc Done
Online Help Gireesh Done
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