Curriculum for FC computer training

The idea is to equip all trainees with enough skills to operate a computer efficiently. No pre-requisites skills are needed. Exercises are to be worked in a controlled environment. The entry and exit tests are also to be worked in a controlled enviroment. The curriculum calls for three one-hour sessions in a week. All sessions (except for exercises) are split up into 40 minutes of training and 20 minutes of Q&A. There is a strong case to do the training using Ubuntu.

Week 0

  • Entry test
  • OS basics
    • The filesystem
    • Searching for packages
    • Taking backups
    • Printing
  • Exercises

Week 1

  • Using spreadsheets
    • Working with CSV files
    • The importance of a consistent format/template
    • Pitfalls of xls to ods/csv and vice versa
  • Exercises

Week 2

  • Word processing
    • Letters
    • Pitfalls of ods to doc and vice-versa
    • Styles as opposed to ad-hoc formatting
  • Emails
    • Attachments
    • Reply vs. reply all
    • Dealing with spam
  • Exercises

Week 3

  • Google docs and calendar
    • Based off their email addresses
  • Getting help
    • Google
    • Ubuntu mailing lists
    • Ubuntu forums
    • Last resort, asking someone
  • Exercises
  • Exit test
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