IVRS Setup (via Mahiti)

The current IVRS being run by Mahiti is setup at their office with two Airtel PRI lines, running into a Digium Telphony card. This is connnected to a Linux box running Asterisk.

Call Workflow

  • School reps call into the IVRS system
  • Inputs are validated by the Asterisk script
  • The validated data is then stored into the database
  • A script added to cron uploads this data to
  • Our dashboard consumes this data through the's API


  • Need to get details of the Digium card like model number, etc
  • Need to understand how asterisk is configured
  • Need to get details of PRI lines process from Airtel/BSNL
  • Need to ask Mahiti to commit the php files which do the call-thru
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