Currently, each application we build - KLP WWW, DISE Visualisations, SSLC visualisations etc. all read from their own data and GIS databases which is sub-optimal. The idea is to create a core KLP API that all apps can read and write from and is agnostic to the source DBs. The API will have both private and public elements - privileged and open.

At the end of 2014, what we'd like to have is:

  1. A Data Collection Platform including:
    1. A data entry platform for digitising paper based data. [KLP EMS]
    2. A voice based data collection platform. [IVRS]
    3. A mobile based data collection platform. 
  2. A Data Cleaning and Export Platform including:
    1. Matching tool. 
    2. Data export. [CKAN]
  3. A Mapping and Data Visualisation Platform
    1. Querying [DISE Queries & KLP Queries]
    2. Mapping [KLP, DISE & SSLC Maps]
    3. Reports & Visualisations [Reports, KLP & SSLC]

Core APIs

See OpenArchitecture 

Need to make changes

Current KLP Databases

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Current KLP APIs

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