We work with the Akshara Foundation[1] in the area of primary education in government schools in Karnataka, India. We have been running remedial programmes since 2006[2]. Over the past four years we have collected data for every child that has been involved in our programmes. Over and above this we have conducted a yearly census of the school going population (~800,000 children over 1492 government primary schools) (~275,000 children over 1492 government primary schools in Bangalore, ~425,000 in ~16,000 primary schools across Karnataka and ~45,000 children in ~1600 pre-schools in Bangalore).

As can be imagined, the data collection exercise is not trivial. Until this year we have relied on pen and paper formats to collect the data and this has been entered into the database via a data entry team. This method while being low-tech and being widely applicable is a logistical and managerial challenge. We would also like to collect additional information for each school such as accurate geographical co-ordinates.

To this end, we would like to explore handheld technology to ease the data collection exercise. These handhelds would also have application in conducting our assessments. We are looking for help on two fronts:

  1. Technical help in designing a mobile platform for all our data needs
  2. Actual hardware that the above mentioned platform would run on

We hope that Nokia would be able to help us on both fronts. We believe that such a relationship would be mutually beneficial to both of us for the obvious reasons. Please feel free to contact me with any supplementary questions that you might have. We hope to engage with you in a long-term, meaningful fashion.

Footnotes: [1] [2]

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