New KLP WWW Agenda Notes

  • Static pages are integrated
  • Maps needs to be fixed
  • Degrade maps for mobile devices
  • Import EMS production data -> KLP www databases 12-13 Data 13-14 Data
  • Status of the Status pages + Integration
  • Check status of import scripts

KLPWWW Production Transition

  • Move OS / DB Version
  • Move the Apps over
  • Switch over to the new machine
  • Bring the new data in and rework the data page
  • Move to Django App

KLPWWW Django Rewrite

  • Boilerplate code needs to be added
  • DB needs to be refactored
  • Templates to be added
  • Redo the blog. Move to Wordpress or something else? Clean-up? Integration?
  • New Features to be added
    • Volunteer
    • Donate
    • Reports
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