Ashok's demo in September

Initial View

Tha Karnataka State is shown with district boundaries and a pushpin/popup on each district with

Data Source
Total population Census - no
Total child population for school going years Census - no
Literacy rates Census
Number of Schools DISE
No of school per district in our system KLPEMS

We have to give some thought to on what basis the shading will be. Assuming the shading is required for each of these factors then that will have to be a pull down option to filter the view.

sangeeta - could you provide us the census and dise data that you wish to see in a spreadsheet. Would speed up the process.

Issues view

This is to highlight the current problems with the education system and where Akshara fits into the solution.

Data Source
Enrollment data by district ASER
Attendance We'll try and get some data on this

Quality of Education

This can be judged from the results of our programs, which are,

  1. Reading for 5 schools in BLR
  2. Reading, pre-test aggregate data, by district, for N. Kar.
  3. Math for 5 schools in BLR, 07-08 and 08-09
  4. Pre-School (Use the same boundary hierarchy as schools to locate them - colour pushpins differently)
    1. We need to draw some arbitrary boundaries for the projects and within that show # of centres and # of children by age group and mother tongue.
    2. We will need to plot 5 pre-schools on the map as done for schools.
  5. Library data for the 5 schools.
    1. Charts (generated offline) from the aggregate data we have.
    2. Charts to include number of books borrowed.

sangeeta - again, please share the 5 schools in plan, boundary data for the preschools. Also as discussed, you would be giving us the library charts.

Legend for paper mockup

Number Notes Side Notes For Future Work
1 Change header to KLP only. Remove all other logos. Header to have home page URL embedded. Should reset map.
2 Remove application nav. Side bar.
3 Heading – Community; PGR – Share your story
4 Remove Masters
5 Remove eGov footer
6 Set zoom and focus to centre on KAR. Perhaps on Haveri.
7 Add to the reports side bar: KSQA Rename Literacy to Census. Rename Akshara – KLP to KLP Data. Reading. Math. Library. Pre-School. Keep ASER Use cheerful colours. Gradation colours and threshold values. Multi year data useful for trends.
8 State Map and pushpins to populate basis selections in 7.
9 Remove Graph and Table tabs
10 Search box – school name or location with auto complete Only for populated schools
11 Proficiency drop down. As sub-links to KLP Data in (7) Basis program done for for schools. Either as a filter for display of schools basis geographic filters or only for that program. When you click on a school so displayed default to proficiency tab.
12 Interventions row needs to be hyperlinked to proficiency data so displayed. Clicking on program hyperlink will go to proficiency tab. Or in a new pop-up.
13 How do we display multiple graphs. Show list of graphs, when clicked show graph in new popup. Have to select a proficiency either at the top (11) or at the school bubble (12)
14 Change Proficiency to Learning Outcomes
15 Actions tab to only have link to trigger (3) Share your story Can be put on School Tab.
16 Registration of Complaint – Change to Share Your Story
17 Complaint Location – Pre Populated from selected school in (15) Cannot be changed at the PGR screen level
18 Check Status/Register? Complaint – Delete
19 Change text – we will send Please fill in this form using the data you have collected from your school visit.
20 Complaint Types – Change to Feedback Type. We will send.
21 Complaining Person – Your Details – Name, Phone Number, Email
22 Complaining Person – Your Details
23 Delete Complaint Title
24 Details of Complaint – Change to Your Comments
25 Upload a picture – dummy
26 Link to video – dummy
27 Change button to submit
28 Thank you post submit (27) Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to do this. We appreciate your continued help in ensuring every child is in school and learning well.


As it stands, the eGov dashboard framework seems okay except for some UI changes which Alok and I will mark up on a printed version.

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