Things to do

This is a page to track all the issues that are not being tracked anywhere else. We can use the items from this list to take up any slack we have. When an activity is taken up, please change the text to strikethrough and provide information of where the issue is being tracked. Once the issue is closed, please remove the item from the list.

Major Enhancements

  • Archiving of old data through the system
  • Building Double entry mechanism for data capture
  • Building school/anganwadi auditing mechanism
  • AuditTrails
  • Anganwadi today tied to certain logins. Change that to fold it in a program that a user can choose after login by any user
  • Showing multiple assessments at a time for assessment data entry
  • Investigate integrating a reporting engine to EMS
  • Migration related performance study. Evaluate short term and long term changes
  • Flexible data entry screen display
    • Client side validation
    • Server side validation
  • Online help
  • Building 'My work'
  • Boundary edit through admin UI today does not capture history. Enhancement to change that.
  • Building in visualization - GIS and others
  • UI realignment (the menu options are growing.. need to work through alternate ways of arranging the features)
  • Ability to limit DEO's to create assessments only for those student records they created
  • A way to see associate data at the assessment screen


  • Interface for deletion of schools
  • Interface for deletion of students across schools
    • A "Select All" check box when deleting students - post marking for delete.
  • Interface for promotion of students
  • Interface for managing assessments - locking and unlocking them for data entry.
  • Map Assessments across schools
  • Interface allowing to capture merger of schools
  • Transferring group of students from one school to another
  • Report to show assessment data for a class across assessments (PDF generation included)
  • Report to show schools in a geographical boundary ((PDF generation included)
  • Report to show 'a' school statistics - no of students/teachers/boys/girls/assessments etc((PDF generation included)
  • Report to schools undergoing a particular curriculum
  • Report to show user/DEO activity. User activity associated in the user profile. Monthly data sets.
  • Reports to show statistics for previous academic years
  • UserRoles
  • Opening certain screens as separate popups (view/edit student data)
  • Creation of default classes when schools are created
  • Removing curriculum association from the 'create school' screen. Should be separate since user does not know curriculums that will be associated with the school
  • Library Aggregation scripts
  • Aggregation scripts for KarnatakalearningPartnership?
  • Map Assessment scripts - writing in a generic form
  • DISE
    • On the input side, build the data capture fields required
    • On the output side, build the DISE reports
  • API


  • Show user name in the header
  • Add info to show the boundary of a school in the header
  • Show academic year in the header for all school related pages
  • Add mother's name or father's name as mandatory in create student
  • Today the disabled fields are not following a standard presentation throughout the app. Need to change that
  • Show only appropriate classes for HPS and LPS [Keep Pending]
  • Limit special characters in name (school, child, father, mother etc.) because it breaks PDF and CSV rendering.
    • Fix current issues in DB related to this via front-end (need a report) or via a script.


  • English Pilot - Pre/Post?
  • NNG3 - Pre/Post?
    • Post test to have attendance and number of teaching hours
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