Curriculum for ZC computer training

All the training that FCs get. The curriculum calls for two one-hour sessions a week. Exercises are of the take-home type. Entry and exit tests are administered in a controlled environment. Over and above the FC training:

Week 4

  • Entry test
  • Akshara programme methodology as applied to the data that we collect
  • How to obtain data
  • Preparing presentations

Week 5

  • Elementary statistics
    • Statistical significance
    • Relevance of metrics
  • Exercises

Week 6

  • Basic analysis of programme data
    • Calculating simple metrics like mean, median and mode
    • Comparitive charts against previous trials
  • Exercises

Week 7

  • Using the KLP website for an advocacy position
  • Exit test

Week 8

  • One on one session with each ZC
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